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90% of traders are unsuccessful, but why?

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  • Access to Every Lux Algo Indicator on TradingView
  • VIP Discord Group w/ Scanners & Callouts
  • Real-time Alerts + Non-Repaint Signals
  • Settings Optimizer Bot on Discord
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I've been investing for about 15 years, mainly long term, blue chip dividends, etc. But I wanted a little extra edge/confirmation with my day trades. This took away all the extra noise and helped me confirm my picks, not only when to buy, but when to sell. Definitely worth it.

Ben Wollschlager
Review via TrustPilot + Discord

Lux Algo is amazing. I am very much an inexperienced trader (3months) and up to a week ago have been following signals from other traders. This Algo is not a signal provider but what it does do is give you an idea of how the market is trending and give you analysis on when to enter the market, how long to hold your trades and when to close.

Review via TrustPilot

Trust. Trust the program and the trends that you can see appearing. Once you Trust the program you'll become much more confident in your trades. The signals are spot on and once you set your alerts you can pretty much forget about it until they let you know something has happened. My first trade paid the monthly fee and then some. Just try it and see for yourself.

Allen Herring
Review via TrustPilot

Before I got LuxAlgo, It was hard to make money on consistent basis. I would make +100 one day, and lose it the next. I was even down $500+ dollars at one point. However, ever since I got this, I have been CONSISTANTLY making money.

Review via Discord

i use this plus my bollinger bands and rsi just to confirm and dam i love lux , i made just today 300 trading. thanks! will buy the yearly subscription . ( btw i tried 7 other algorithms and yup kinda was waste of money) but this one is very good and decently accurate love it.

Review via TrustPilot