About Us

Lux Algo

Our Mission

In a rapidly evolving landscape, where technical analysis is becoming more popular and the majority of systems, indicators, EA's, and algorithmic trading strategies offered online tend to be misleading... Lux Algo aims to provide traders with truly useful, unique, & reliable tools that can give them an edge over others in any market. Lux Algo is poised to become the most widely trusted script vendor on TradingView, the #1 social platform for traders worldwide.

The Story

Sean Mack & Alexander Friend co-founded Lux Algo in April 2020 which quickly drew worldwide attention from both new & experienced traders by a pioneering approach to filtering buy & sell signals. In a few short months, Lux Algo grew a massive community of traders and began to establish themselves as an innovative & trusted script vendor. Through TradingView, Sean & Alexander were introduced to Alex Pierrefeu, a Pine Wizard and a true talent in digital signal processing, mathematics & creating technical indicators. Sean booked a spontaneous flight from the US to Spain to hire Alex P. full-time to join the team and bring Lux Algo to the next level, and they've been doing just that ever since.

Meet The Team

Alexander Friend (Co-Founder & CTO)

Based in London, England, Alexander holds a BSc Honours degree in Computer Science from a leading Russell Group University where he also completed a dissertation in technical analysis. He has experience in electronic warfare systems and an extensive knowledge of Pinescript with particular interest in sorting algorithms.

Sean Mack (Co-Founder)

Entrepreneur based in Boston, MA with a wide background in SAAS startups, social growth, and other ventures including getting an artist signed to Virgin EMI Records in 2019. Experienced in technical analysis & trading commodities.

Alex Pierrefeu (Lead Developer)

Based in Andalusia, Spain, more commonly known as 'alexgrover' as one of the 14 Pine Wizards on TradingView. Alex has a 4+ years background in digital signal processing and time-series analysis which obtained him a masters degree in audio signal processing from ProAudio Escuela and a great reputation for using his knowledge to create innovative technical indicators on TradingView.

Matthew O'Hagan (Account Manager)

Based in London, England, Matthew is currently studying to become a doctor. He has a 4 year background in medicine, enjoys trading, and studying FinTech in his spare time.